About me


My name is Amadeo, but everyone calls me Neo. I was born in Mexico, but have lived in the United States for over 14 years. I graduated from the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage, one of the top massage therapy schools in the country. I have thousands of hours of experience helping clients achieve greater health and wellness. My business is called Body Harmony because massage is one of the best ways to bring balance and harmony to your life. I don’t claim that massage is a cure-all, but I can tell you that it has changed my client’s lives.

I use a combination of ancient and modern techniques to understand and help your body find balance and harmony within itself. As a result, I am confident I can provide relaxation, pain relief, and an increase in the quality of your life.

A Safe Space

I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and don’t judge people in any way. I am happy and excited to welcome anyone to Body Harmony who is seeking greater balance in their life. We’ll work together to find the best path to start you on your journey of achieving harmony in your body. All I ask is that my clients not pass judgement on others; my desire is to create a safe space for any and all to come and feel terrific. No matter who you are, inside or out, you deserve the ability to feel your best. I can help. Schedule time for self-care and let me show you how amazing it feels when your body is in harmony.

Always Growing

I am continually educating myself about ways to help my clients live with greater balance and harmony. Please check back often for the latest service offerings and special promotions.



Massage with complementary aromatherapy:

  • 60 Min: $80
  • 90 Min: $120
  • 120 Min: $160

Additions to any massage:

  • Cupping: $25
  • Hot Stones: $25

Out call fee*:
$20 per 30-mile radius plus fuel
*minimum $5 for fuel

Gift Certificates available in any denomination