At Body Harmony Therapeutic Massage we believe in self-care and the power of massage. So this year we are introducing our new bundles. You choose what type of bundle works best for you, we offer 3 massage sessions at a discounted rate of 15% perfect to come tryout my massage and relax. Our next bundle of 6 massage sessions gives you more with a 25% off, this is fantastic way to start your self-care journey. Lastly our last bundle of 12 massage sessions giving you even more money saving with a 35% off, perfect for a full years worth of massage! In addition to that we offer those same bundles for our added services for Hot stones and Cupping and you don’t even have to buy a massage bundle to purchase them. If you are interested in this great offer come visit our website at under our service page you will find more information and how to buy your fist bundle.